Travelogue CRC-3511 (2016)
 Suite Concertante, Heavensgate, Presque-Songes, The Maltese Plaza in Fog, Two Chinese Pieces, Legends, Gezichten vanaf Nieuw Amsterdam

Musica Transpacifica CRC-3580 (2017)
 Jiuta, Uchiwae, Doutaku Hankyou, Fuyugomori, Ganya
 Unkai, Harukasumi, The Nocturnal Conclave of Foxes
Violin With an Asian Soul CRC-3673 (2018)
 Kogaku, Asian Winds, Sonatine, Intimate Scenes, Ayung Sungai

The Lyric Trombone CRC-3727 (2019)
 Sonata 11 and 12, Lyric Pieces, Trio

Distant Carillons CRC-3802 (2020)
 Madrigaletti, Remembrances, Trasimeno, Distant Carillons, Cantata senza Voce

World Winds CRC-3803 (2020)
 A Forest of Verses, Night Rain, Mountain Mist, The Moon at Sea, Takeori I-V, Asian Poems, Winter Sarabande, Fantasia sobre "Porque llorax blanca nina?"

Remembrances CRC-3829 (2020)
 Setsune, Five Reveries, Kiri, Fantasia sobre ‘Como la Rosa, en el Guerto’, Three Friends of Winter, Suite No.4, Cycle for the Lunar New Year, Canon

Painting, Landscape, Text, and Sky CRC-3885 (2021)
 Studies in Darkness, The Old Mill, Three Views of Autumn, To Know Music, Twilight Music

World Winds II CRC-3911 (2021)
 Shin-netori, An Ancient Harbor, Vignettes, Four Preludes, Asian Preludes, Dreams of a Spring Evening, Partita, Senya, A Garden to Linger In, Yuukuu

Hidden Pathways CRC-3960 (2022)
 String Quartet No.10, An Ancient Chinese Romantic, Suite Ancienne, Seven Chinese Songs, Winterscapes Book 2, Arias and Dances, Quartet in One Movement for viols


Between Sea and Sky FACD6828 (2022)
 Five Fantasias for the Japanese Consort, Fantasia on a Rondeau of Dufay, Chanson Malagache, Fantasia sobre ‘Una Hija Tiene del Rey’, Yaku (Night Crossroads), Arietta, Gaunkyo (Bridge to the Lingering Clouds), Between Sea and Sky, Het Nieuwe Madrigaalboek


Echoes from Bronze Bells VMM-2029 (1998)
 Five Fantasias for Viol consort, Sonata in One Movement for Guitar, Gli Spiriti Infernali, Echoes from Bronze Bells, Renka for String Quartet, Aoi, Het Nieuwe Madrigaalboek

Imagined Landscapes VMM-2033 (2000)
 Sonata No.6 for Cello Solo, Fantasia sobre 'Una Hija Tiene del Rey', Fantasia on a Theme of Yuize, Keisho for theorbo solo, Imagined Landscapes, Utagumi

Yearning for Autumn VMM-2035 (2001)
 Ganya, Between Sea and Sky, Ancient Legends, Fantasias for the Japanese Consort, Seiya. Yoru ga Mau

A Distant Land Unfurled VMM-3054 (2002)
 Three Fantasias on East Asian Modes, Chanson Malagache, Andorran Fantasy, Tre Romanze, A Distant Land Unfurled, Cantata for Oboe and String Orchestra

Music of the Autumn Winds VMM-2037 (2004)
 Fuke, Yuukuu, Fantasia on 'Pyong-si-jo' Yumegahara, Gaunkyo, The Jade Goddess, Music of the Autumn Winds

From Ancient Times and Places VMM-2038 (2004)
 Fantasias (11) on East Asian Modes, Three Fantasias on Sephardic Melodies, The Twilight Bell, Edo Revisited

Five Sonatas for Solo Bass Clarinet VMM-2040 (2004)

Five Sonatas for Trombone and Piano VMM-2041 (2005)

Sky Echoes VMM-2044 (2006)
 Seichoh, Sora no hibiki, Tanshi, To no koi, Aki to kawa, Yuuzetsu, Aizome no shirabe, Shuuen, Okaku, Sammu, Yuukei, Night Rain on the Xiao and Xiang, Yuugiri, Rokkakuchaya

The Sea, Darkening VMM-2045 (2006)
 Ancient Legends; A White River Journey; The Sea, Darkening; Sonata Asiatica; Gli Spiriti Infernali
The Silent Waterfall VMM-2048 (2007)
 Prelude for Two Consorts, Rivermist in Summer, Fantasia on 'Pyong-si-jo' No.2, The Meeting of Sea and Clouds, Two Views of the Silent Waterfall, Riddles; Quartet for flute, guitar, violin and cello

Tenrai VMM-2050 (2008)
 Imagined Landscapes Bk.III, Tenrai, Winter Sarabande, Night Echoes, The Water Shrine, Akisaki, Unkokukan, Fukagawa Susaki Juumantsubo, Setsune, Field Bells, Lustrous Evening, "My Horse has Wings of Wind"

A Forest of Verses VMM-2054 (2009)
 Karin, Fantasia on 'Sounds of the Surf', Kokei, Three Views of Summer, Asian Madrigals Bk. VII, Three Friends of Winter

Windsongs VMM-3060 (2009)
 Double Concerto, Voices of Winter, Windsongs

Transparent Reflections VMM-2056 (2010)
 Water Sprites, Winter Landscape, The Pleasures of Abundance, Heavenly Beauty, Autumn Radiant, Listening to Colors, Sounds of the Sea, Kinmokusei, Transparent Reflections I & II, The Old Capital, Rose Dance, Harmony of Blue, Folktale "The Bamboo Cutter", Yearning for Autumn, Desert Fragrance, Transparent Sunbeams, Soaring Dreams

Asian Fantasias VMM-2057 (2011)
 Melodies Scattered from a Black Zither, Autumn by an Inland Fjord, Nocturne with Young Birds, Epic Narratives, Dance Prelude, The Zither Player, Peaceful Tuning, River Festival, Three Variations of the Summer Wind, A Song of Distant Rivers, Echoes from the South, Lion Dance, A Buddhist Motet, Asian Passacaglia

Nocturnes and Caprices VMM-2059 (2011)
 Caprices Bk. II; Nocturnes: Kawase Hasui, Aert van der Neer, Jakub Schikaneder; Caprices Bk. I

Voices of the Four Seasons VMM-2060 (2012)
 Voices of Spring, Voices of Summer, Voices of Autumn, Voices of Winter, Legendes de la Mer

Takeori VMM-2062 (2012)
 Enshoh, Six Harbingers of Spring, Northern Song, Three Views of Summer, The Threshold to the Sky, Five Variations of the Dawn, Quiet Forest, To Pacify the Waves, Calm Evening, Takeori, Star Dance, A Short Poem, Spring Wind, The Old Frontier, Thunderclouds, Unkei

Mannes Guitarists Play David Loeb VMM-2064 (2013)
 Shirakawago, Fantasia on a Rondeau of Dufay, Five Nocturnes, Arietta, Lyric Pieces, Partita Concertante

Imagined Landscapes VMM-2065 (2013)
 Imagined Landscapes Bk. V, Alluring Isles, Desert Twilights, Nightclouds, Five Tanzaku

Kindred Spirits VMM-2066 (2014)
 Takeori II, Takeori III, Chanting Ancient Tales, Music of an Autumn Night, Teragane Godan, Kindred Sprits, The Wise Banyan, Caprices

Other Recordings

Four Nocturnes
 Leonarda LE-330 (1991)

Fantasie and Allegro for oboe and Guitar
 Boston Skyline BSD-110 (1991)

 Boston Skyline BSD-120 (1992)

Suite Concertante
 Vienna Modern Masters VMM-3017 (1992)

Three Fantasias for the Japanese Consort, Quartet in One Movement, Two Consort Songs for Countertenor and four viols
 Musical Heritage Society 513235M

Yaku (Night Crossroads), Sammu
 Nami Records WWCC-7297 (1997)

Preludes Bks. I, II, III (excerpts)
 Stemra SH-5713 (2004)

Sephardic Quintet
 Summit DCD 389 (2004)

Preludes Bk. IV
 Crystal CD713 (2004)

Aubade et Nocturne
 Nami Records WWCC-7495 (2005)

Mugen, Aoi, Hara Asao - 3 Songs, Yumegahara, Seiya
 Disk Art DART-01 (2005)

 Gasparo GG-1021 (2008)

A Land of Remote Valleys, Eight Views
 Centaur CRC-3099 (2010)

Winter Sarabande
 Move MD-3349 (2011)

 Centaur CRC-3422 (2015)

Seicho, Sammu; Inspire records (Belgium) (2017)

Caprices for Solo Trombone AJ 255 (2022)

The following recordings made on LPs have not been reissued yet in digital formats:

String Quartets No. 4 & 8
 Grenadilla GS-1023 (1978)

Fantasia e due Scherzi, Sonata
 Gasparo GS-210 (1980)

Trois Cansos
 Opus One 84 (1984)

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